1 World Magazine – Issue #2

“This issue of 1 World Magazine features a great cover story on Oakland’s LIL BLOOD and San Diego’s 12 GAUGE SHOTIE. SAN QUINN goes over his latest release.

CUDDY CEO of Cali Life Musik is making serious noise out West. Frosty The Knowmatic of The Icons has SD Hip Hop in the Spotlight. The CYPHY Events are booming in the Bay Area right now, check out why. 1 World caught up with TWISTED INSANE while on Tour. Nice articles on DJ TRUE JUSTICE, O-MAE from Kenya, MR. KORDY from Egypt, eMCeeM from Poland, A.B. ORIGINAL in the OZ.

Awesome Interviews with K-RINO, MISTAH F.A.B., JUDAH PRIEST. PARIS and San Jose’s NSanity. You learn quite a bit about numerous Artists such as KEY LOOM, WILLIE WAZE, JOHN SONATRA, HWY FOE, B-EAZY, PAIGE RAYMOND, COLA FOX and many more. Check out the incredible interview with N.B.S. (NATURAL BORN SPITTAS), ODESSA KANE, HELL RAZAH, KING LOCUST, KILLA TAY, YOUNG DOE and CALIFORNIA BEAR GANG. So much talent, so much info! Great piece on the NorthWest along with a who’s who in the ‘925’. 67 Albums Reviewed and/or Rated. Hip Hop hasn’t seen something like this in a long time!” Source: UGHH

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