El Raziel

Hell Razah – El Raziel
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Long-standing Wu-Tang affiliate Hell Razah is arguably one of the rap game’s most underrated emcees. From his mid-90s introduction as a Sunz Of Man member, through to his work as part of Black Market Militia and his own solo projects, the Brooklyn-raised
artist has always maintained a high level of lyrical creativity.

Known for his intricately dense verses mixing street-related commentary with religious imagery and philosophical musings, Razah Rubies’ latest release, “El Raziel”, adds yet another chamber to his body of work which is unlikely to disappoint loyal fans, but probably won’t win over any new supporters either.

With guest appearances kept to a minimum, Razah once again draws listeners deep into his world, journeying from project hallways to the heavens above as he highlights the constant struggle between good and evil in its many forms, from social injustice and police brutality to the spiritual war that rages within us all.

Whilst a couple of clumsy vocal hooks and sub-par production moments prevent “El Raziel” from being as strong as some of the Rotten Apple resident’s previous efforts, there’s still enough here to make the project worthy of attention.

Remember, there’s a war going on outside (and inside) no man is safe from, and two decades after his debut, Hell Razah is still determined to make sense of it all.
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