Hell Razah – El Raziel

Raziel (Hebrew: רזיאל‎‎ “Secret[s] of God”) is an archangel who works near the throne of the Godhead as the Keeper of the Secrets. He works behind the “Divine curtain” where he gets the mysteries revealed and proclaims it to the human and the other angels.

Patron of secret wisdom, divine knowledge, and guardian of originality and pure thought. He is master of symbolic significance and brings esoteric information and seals to the mankind. He is the author of The Kabbalah and the “Sefer Raziel, -The Book of the Angel Raziel” that describes all known mysteries and energies in the Universe and the keys to solving them.

Raziel is the angel who helps us to achieve a greater wisdom about how the universe works, and he opens The Third Eye with clairvoyant vision and hearing, and spiritual understanding.

The album “El Raziel” by Hell Razah was released in 2015.

“Long-standing Wu-Tang affiliate Hell Razah is arguably one of the rap game’s most underrated emcees. From his mid-90s introduction as a Sunz Of Man member, through to his work as part of Black Market Militia and his own solo projects, the Brooklyn-raised
artist has always maintained a high level of lyrical creativity.

Known for his intricately dense verses mixing street-related commentary with religious imagery and philosophical musings, Razah Rubies’ latest release, “El Raziel”, adds yet another chamber to his body of work which is unlikely to disappoint loyal fans (…)” – Source: http://wordplaymagazine.com

El Raziel

El Raziel

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