Hell Razah Music Inc Presents UK Chapter ‘Seven Spherez’ The Album 07th Oct 2015

Seven Spherez are an underground Hip Hop group from Manchester UK consisting of producer Dr.G and Emcees Ghost One & Coopz. The boom bap trio have been making noise amongst the underground HipHop community recently with their web singles ‘7 Heavenz’ and ‘The Number 7’ taken from their forthcoming self titled album and have been recognised for their raw and authentic style, always retaining the true essence of the culture

Best known for their complex rhyme patterns, thought provoking lyrical content and hard hitting beats coupled with obscure samples their self titled album which will feature the likes of Chris Rivers (Big Pun’s son), Resolute, Cambatta & the legendary Wu Tang affiliate Hell Razah (Sunz of man) is scheduled to drop in the coming months of 2015 on Hell Razah Music Inc and is said to be a infernal work of true art.

The crew recently tore down the stage while supporting Bronze Nazareth (Wu/Wisemen) & Antlive (Rock n Rollaz) on their UK tour amongst a host of other underground UK artists and are said to have plans to tour Europe at some stage in the near future. For all booking enquiries please contact bookings@sevenspherez.com