Inferno (Hosted By DJ Fiyaa) * Mixtape*

Hell Razah – Inferno (Hosted By DJ Fiyaa… door d-j-fiyaa1

1.Intro / Written In Blood ft. Prodigal Sunn
2.Better Than Jewelry
3.Thug Tear Dropz ft. Young Noble
4.Movie Skit /My Turn (Freestyle)
5.Movie Skit / Rising ft. Prodigal Sunn
6.Hell Razah – I’m A Bang / Movie Skit
7.Kids In The Streets (Official Video)
8.Gunz Oil Drugz ( In God We Trust )
9.Grey Goose ft. Baretta 9, Lord Superb
10.Fear Of God / Hellrazah Speaks
11.Ghetto Government (Rmx) ft. Timbo King, Killah Priest
12.One Harmony
13.On The Way To The Top – Killah Priest, Shabaam Shadeeq, Naomi Sparx / Outro



“Hellrazah” wu-tang/Sunz of Man emcee. The Brooklyn Native is at it again with his new project entitled “Inferno” and I must say he picked the right name for this mixtape. Inferno is hosted by DJ Fiyaa and is filled with nothing but the boom bap beats and straight lyrical content to your hearts pleasure. From track 1 to 13 they all bangers and rich gems waiting to be unleashed to the worlds ears. Hell Razah decided to drop this mixtape on his 38th birthday as a celebration offered to his fans. The entire projects production was tight and Hell Razah gave them all life with ingenious mind and voice. You can feel the hip hop energy throught the entire mixtape. This isn’t a mixtape for the tights pants wearing new generation that only listens to beats and not the lyrics. The Ghetto Government President (GGO) Hell Razah drops knowledge on many tracks but still has tracks just spitting that inferno fire on every beat. This project features Wu-tang affiliates Beretta 9, Prodigal Sunn, Timbo King, Killah Priest,, Shabaam Shadeeq, Naomi Sparx, Young Noble, and Lord Superb,

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