The People’s Film Festival #Harlem – Risen: The Story of Chron ‘Hell Razah’ Smith

The People’s Film Festival MAY 31- JUNE 3, 2018 celebrates the power of the media when placed in the hands of the people.

The People’s Film Festival is an annual 4-Day event designed to showcase the best in independent films, music & art. It’s comprised of film screenings including virtual reality, panel discussions, music showcases and an award ceremony—celebrating the work of both emerging and established filmmakers, producers, and videographers—reflecting traditional and avant-garde style films with an emphasis on films that integrate multiple digital platforms using today’s new media & technology.

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The Festival presented last year Risen: The Story of Chron ‘Hell Razah’ Smith documemtary which gives an uncompromising look into the world of rehabilitation and redemption through the eyes of a Wu Tang Clan affiliate rapper who suffered a near fatal brain aneurysm. Risen documentary is directed by Frank Meyer.

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